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YANA-O Center of Light is dedicated to empowering people so that they are able to create their best life.
The light that radiates from such a person helps to restore balance in the world.
And so, it is my mission to put a permanent smile on everyone’s face!
~ Keith Blanchard

Self-Realization Expert at The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

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Look Within

For most of my life up until 1992, I was rebellious and lost. I didn’t really give a damn about anything. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it and it didn’t really matter how I got it. But after Jennifer and I broke up, I began to change. At the same time I was falling apart, I somehow knew that in order for me to survive, I would have to seek Spirit. It’s hard to find the words to explain what it felt like when that finally hit me, but I’ll try.
Everything was dark! I was desperately alone, utterly depressed and suffering excruciating heart pangs all the time. Looking back, I don’t remember actually deciding to pray, but one day I just found myself doing it, not once, but several times. The next day, same thing, and for every day thereafter. The prayer I remember saying most was, “God, I really need Your help.”
One night after my band’s rehearsal, the guys were going over to Chris’ house. They’d never asked me to join them before because they knew I wasn’t really into the “New Age stuff” they were into. But that night, for some reason, I was invited to come along. I said sure, thinking that all we were going to do was just hang out and party. Boy, was I wrong!
No sooner had we sat down in Chris’ little upstairs room, than my bandmates and one other friend who’d joined us began to talk about that “weird stuff.” I just sat there, drinking my drink, listening to them go at it. But eventually my curiosity was piqued, because the things my friend Mike was saying seemed so relevant to what I was going through.
After a few minutes, I asked if he could interpret a dream I’d had in which Jesus appeared to me and told me the word ‘Yam’ three times. Mike asked me if there there’d been more to my experience and, if so, would I share it. I said sure.
“It was really weird,” I said. “In what way?” he asked. “Jesus seemed to be behind me and up towards the ceiling, but I could see Him perfectly. At the same time, I could feel myself floating up there, too. But I didn’t want any part of that, so, I somehow made myself wake up.” “Is that it?” Mike asked. “Yep, that’s it,” I told him. “Guy, that is so cool!” he said. Then he got up and walked over to the bookshelf, selected one book and brought it back to where I was sitting. He opened it to show me the meaning of ‘Yam’ — the sound of the spiritual heart (the heart chakra), and his gesture touched me to my core. Yes, I knew in my own heart of hearts that something had awakened and there was no turning back.
From that evening on, whenever I was feeling down from obsessing about Jennifer, I called Mike and found much comfort in his words. Not only did he help me see things in a more realistic light, he also seemed to have an uncanny way of getting me to open up so that, for the very first time, I could begin to see my self/Self.
One day he asked me, “Without judging yourself, Keith, tell me, do you like your life?” I said, “Hell no!” His next question was, “What are you willing to do to have peace?” I told him, “At this point, I’m willing to try just about anything!” “Then prepare yourself for miracles,” he said.
For the next hour or so, he laid out some principles I could begin to work with. But at the same time, he suggested I not believe a word he was saying!He said, “Just let the manifestations speak for themselves.” I had no idea what he meant.
Even so, that very day, that week, that month, that year, as I began to put these new ideas into practice, I could see the little miracles that Mike had told me would take place if I kept to my “I’m willing to do anything for peace” intention. But, though everything I was learning felt right, every once in a while some part of me put up resistance.
You may ask why. Four reasons: I knew that everything I thought I knew would have to change. I knew that I’d have to take full responsibility for the mess I’d made of my life. I knew that, because of my unresolved emotional issues, my life was sure to get worse before it got any better. And here’s the real kicker — I was frightened because I didn’t want my new “I am God” attitude to piss God off. But I was determined to change, no matter what it took.
I began to meditate daily as Mike had said to do. I can honestly say that the more I practiced meditation, the more my life improved. That alone has helped me stop feeling like a victim and to live more in harmony with God.
Another thing Mike suggested I do was to train my senses to take in everything around me. To my astonishment, I noticed that whenever I consciously engaged one of my five senses, my sixth sense would make itself known to me. Before long, intuition became an everyday part of my life. Let’s just say that if it weren’t for Mike’s lessons and the support of my other dear Soul brothers, Chris and Jeff—well, I can’t imagine what my life would be like now. I thank them daily in my prayers.
Nowadays, I think it is safe to say that I’m a changed man. I seem to be able to use what I’ve learned at any time to move me through whatever I’m facing. Occasionally I revert to my old ways and make things happen that I really wish I hadn’t. Whenever such unconscious creations do show up, I’m lucky in the sense that I can always resort to all the knowledge I’ve gotten, beginning that night at Chris’.
One very important thing I’ve learned is how to take responsibility for whatever I do. And with that has come excitement, because now I finally get that I can have any- and everything I want if I keep on cleaning up my life. To stay on task, I daily ask God to open my heart and to keep reminding me that I can create Heaven within me any time I choose.

♥           ♥           ♥

Ever since I’ve realized that I am God, we are God, everything is God, I’ve experienced moments most people would call miraculous. And I’ve noticed that when I take the time to recognize God in others, my ego (that has always separated me from them) vanishes and better relationships are the result.
Maybe you’re in the same place now that I found myself in years ago — confused, angry and without direction. If so, my first suggestion is to do as the title of this chapter says — look within. Take an inventory of how you feel about yourself and begin to see how the choices you have made have affected not only yourself, but others as well. When you begin to assume full responsibility for everything that happens to you, you will find yourself becoming imbued with the same kind of power I’ve found, and you will be able to consciously create your own life, as I am now able to do.
Here’s something else for you to try. When you’re around others, practice expanding your awareness outward. All you have to do is put your God-given senses to work and you’ll begin to discover, as I did, the good in all things. Begin to feel. Begin to touch. Begin to see. Begin to listen. Begin to know. Begin to be. Begin!
Lastly, get back to basics. To help you do that, I now offer three tenets that have been (and are still) quite helpful to me,and that seem to be the foundation for my spirituality.

1) The all-knowing tenet: If turning inward unites me with God (Higher Self), then it makes sense to me that Omniscience(Peace) is my natural state.
2) The all-powerful tenet: If turning inward unites me with God, then it makes sense to me that Omnipotence (Love) is my natural state.
3) The all-pervading tenet: If turning inward unites me with God, then it makes sense to me that Omnipresence (Liberation) is my natural state.

The gift God has given to me I want to give to you. I take great pleasure in sharing with you my prophetic vision of Heaven on Earth.
You are the Vision, the Christ. In truth, all there is is you. Walk into your divinity. Walk into the One.

You are

✝ ✝ ✝
May peace be with you.

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Realizing God

All who seek divinity must live a life free from wanting, for that is the source and cause of spiritual bondage.
As long as one is constantly wanting, one will only fall farther away from the selflessness of Grace into the selfishness of ego.
The ego mind is the cloth that veils Consciousness — your wants are its threads.

But when you give up your constant wanting, the ego-threads will fall away and the cloth will disappear, revealing your True Nature, the pure, genuine Self that is the Soul.
God-realization will happen when you finally free yourself from the brain,
the senses, the mind — the wanter.
Once you break out of your finite little prison of individuality,
you will become conscious, enlightened — one with the Cosmic Power. Thus, will you reach God!

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Down the Rabbit Hole

From the time I was a little boy, I’ve had an unquenchable curiosity about God, the universe and my role in the grand scheme of things. But my thirst for answers only seemed to leave more questions floating around in my head than answers – so many, in fact, that after a while my head began to hurt!

In my late twenties/early thirties (after I became somewhat more aware of what I thought I might be), I felt I was ready to take all my big questions deeper by using a variety of meditation techniques. This I did, but to no avail; no satisfactory answers came to me.
One morning (by this time I was in my late thirties), I was doing what I’d done many, many times before – something I called my rabbit hole meditation. That’s where I’d go deeper and deeper into the what seemed like a labyrinth, and continually check to see if there was an undiscovered treasure behind any of the closed doors I came across.
Lo and behold, on that day – the day I finally got the answer I was looking for – my meditation went something like this:
“Hmmm…I wonder if any of those answers I’m looking for lie behind this door?” But when I opened it, nothing.
On to the next one I went. “Hmmm…I wonder if I’ll find it behind this door?” Nothing there.
On to the next one I went, over and over again. Still, I found nothing.
Then, just as I extended my hand towards the next door, something dawned on me.
“All this time, I haven’t changed my routine one bit. Maybe I should do something different, but what? Hey, I know!”
So, instead of reaching for the doorknob, I decided to knock on the door itself. But just before I did, doubt crept in, “How am I going to get an answer that way? Oh well, I might as well try it.”
And then, at my touch, the door turned to gold and opened on its own! I started to freak out and jump up and down like a kid in a candy store. But what I saw inside was – nothing!
“I was so hoping that this door would be the one! After all these years of searching, how can this be? I give up!” The very next moment, “it” happened.
A small, but infinitely wise Voice said to me, “Keith, every door you’ve ever opened has held your answer.”
“How is that? They all had nothing for me.” I moaned.
“Yes, you are correct, My Friend! Nothing.”
“But how can “nothing” be the answer?”
“Because it is!”
“Then tell me,” I asked sarcastically, “what do I do with nothing and how can no answer help me in my life?”
“Keith, ask me that question again.”
“How can no answer help me with my life?”
“Ask again.” said the Voice.
“Do you want me to beg?”
“No, just ask once more.”
“Maybe you’re just not capable of providing me with an answer!” I said in utter frustration.
“I am very capable,” said the patient Wisdom.
”But you still haven’t given me anything!”
“Yes, I have, Keith.”
“No, you’ve given me no answer at all.”
“Now you’ve got it!”
“Got what? The answer? How can no answer be the answer? Oh, my God, that’s it! There are no answers!”
“Keith, there are no answers. Questions are designed to create a search, which really just puts you in a position to receive the truth of who you are, and who you are is Infinite Potential. If you need an answer to feel complete, then I will provide you with one – your life is what you make of it. Now go and live your best life!”
After this story, you must be wondering what kind of questions had I been asking myself all those years. Here are the four questions that helped my life unfold:
“Where did I come from?”
You came from God and one day you shall consciously return. Even though you appear to be “here,” a part of you (your Higher Self) is still “there,” co-orchestrating your life. But for you to create your best life, you have to go within and figure what you need to do to be “in the spirit” all the time.
“Why am I here?”
When I was told in my meditation that there were no answers to anything, I understood that the only reason I’m “here” is to live the best life possible and, to do that, I must continue to live my passion. There can be no other reason. If God is Love, then it makes sense to me that when I do what I love, I’m walking the path. I was fortunate to come to this realization early on in my adult life.
“Who am I?”
This question, which is probably the biggest one in the batch, took me a while to “get” and accept. Let’s examine it closely.
If you come from God and will one day consciously return, who are you now? If God is the beginning and the end and you’re in the middle of all that, who are you? If God is omnipresent (present in all places at all times), who are you? Point to yourself. Point to God. At your essence, that is (the truth of) Who you are.
I know this kind of talk may cause some people to back away in fear. That’s because they don’t understand the Laws of the Spirit and the Laws of Physics. It can be tough sometimes for people to see their own Greatness. One has to come to that realization on his or her own. What helped me was to see that all God really is, is the Collective Love that created everything and I am not separate from that. If I were, I could not exist.
“Where am I going?”
Wherever you want! The choices are infinite. But if you ever want to “get” where you are wanting to go, you must first understand where you come from, why are you here and who you are. Only then will you be prepared to get where you are going!.

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The Zone


An area or region
set apart from its surroundings
by some characteristic.



It seems that, no matter how that word’s used, everyone’s looking for a way to get into the zone and stay there.

Even Rod Serling recognized the magic of it and created some of his most amazing stories around it. But what is it really?

Here’s my question: What makes this place – THE ZONE — so special?

It’s no coincidence that the uprights on a football field are called the goal and that they are located in the end zone (in zone)! Football players lift weights, eat right and do whatever it takes to reach that place because that’s where the magic happens.
And if you watch someone who’s serious about their billiard playing, you’ll notice they’re very quiet when they’re “playing” the game. They are so involved with the process that they don’t gloat when they make a brilliant shot, for doing that would only take them out of the zone and they know it!
Race car drivers know they must shift into the zone where they’re able to hear their own intuition tell them how to weave in, out and around their competitors so they can cross the finish line (goal) before anyone else. And the best do it with such precision that they become one with the car they are driving.
All musicians who’ve ever played live know that the zone’s where the creative spirit spontaneously and simultaneously brings a musical idea through without rehearsal. As a musician, I can tell you that’s why we try to get “there” — so we can play from that space all night long. Even though everyone’s playing their own instrument, we somehow become the collective instrument of a higher idea. No one’s trying to make things fit but when we fall into it, our audience notices a tightness and feels a power in the performance. That’s where the magic happens!
If you look closely at dancers who are in the zone, either on stage or in a club, they seem to be like children at play — swirling and twirling with their eyes closed, “lost” in a world where nothing affects them.
Someone taking a test in school or college isn’t necessarily trying to remember what they’ve studied; they are looking for the zone where information comes to them effortlessly.
Those who are considered stars in the world of pornography pride themselves on being able to plunge into a sexual zone on cue. Matter of fact, most people, whether pros or amateurs, use the tool of “dirty talk” to throw themselves into an even deeper state of arousal — because that’s where the magic happens!
Every religion references the zone, whether they call it Nirvana, Higher Self or by one of God’s many names. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all the same Zone. Let me assure you that mystics, monks and others who’ve dedicated their lives to a spiritual discipline don’t have a monopoly on the zone. They just know what to do and how to do it.
And now, so will you! All you need is intention, focus, concentration and commitment — the desire to be something “Greater” than what you may think is you — and you’re ready to go.
Think that you don’t know how to get into it? Well, that’s why I’ve written The Divine Principle – Anchoring Heaven On Earth — to let you know that everyone, even you, can find the zone where your own magic happens!

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One of the Most Amazing Stories I’ve Ever Heard

One Sunday afternoon about a year ago a friend called and asked me if I had time to talk and was I sitting down? Then she just kept on talking without even giving me a chance to answer her.
“You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you, Keith! I didn’t know who to call except you.”
Since she’d convinced me that what she was about to say was something really juicy, I let her keep on keeping on.
”Are you sitting down?” she asked again, barely able to contain herself with the magnitude of what she was about to lay on me.
“Yeah, I’m sitting down – what is it?”
“Last night I went to a rock concert with a friend of mine and, after the show, we decided to go back to his house and hang out for a while. I thought I was into it but just a few minutes after I got there, my headspace shifted from wanting to party to wanting to leave — right away!
“Sorry, bud, but I have to go,” I told my friend as I headed for the door.
”What? — Why? It’s raining cats and dogs out there!”
”I don’t know why. I just know I have to right now!“
That didn’t give him much choice but to stand there waving at me as I backed out of his driveway.
As I turned on to the main street, I somehow ended up in a lane that wouldn’t allow me to make the right I’d made so many times before at that first stop light. So I decided to just keep going forward, make a few extra turns and get home that way.
But at the very next intersection, I got in the wrong lane again, so I decided to move along to the next light and then make my turn.
When I got there, I was aware of what I was doing but as I started to steer right, something inside of me said, ‘Don’t turn now. Go to the next light to take your right!’ The feeling (voice) was so strong and sure that, even though I didn’t know why I was doing it and I thought this whole thing was really, really strange, I decided to follow what voice was telling me to do.
Well, the minute did it, I realized that I’d put myself in a place where no one with any common sense or knowledge of the area would want to be. But that didn’t seem to matter because I still felt compelled to drive just a little further and take the next right, at which point the voice inside said, ’Go slow and turn on your brights.’ That’s when I heard myself scream, ’What in the world am I looking for?’
I swear to God, Keith, what happened next totally blew my mind. Out of nowhere, a little child wearing only a diaper ran out in front of my car. I immediately slammed on my brakes, shouted “Oh, my God,” then threw the car into park, jumped out and grabbed that precious child close to me, both of us crying and frightened. “Don’t you worry,” I told the little boy, “I’m here now and I won’t let you go!”
The police showed up just a couple of minutes after I called and one of them immediately took the boy out of my arms. While they were checking him out to make sure he wasn’t injured in any way, one of them asked me what had happened. As soon as I finished telling him what I’m telling you, he told me I could leave. “I’m afraid not, my friend, that just ain’t gonna happen!”
“What do you mean, ma’am?“
“Didn’t you pay any attention to what I just told you?“
“Yes, ma’am, I did. Why’re you asking me that?“
“Well, I believe I’m supposed to be with this child and I ain’t leavin’ ‘til his parents come for him — so you might as well give him back to me!“
“Okay, but that could be a while depending on when the report comes in that he’s missing.“
“Doesn’t matter…I’ll wait as long as I can. So please….” And I opened my arms to take him in.
“As soon as the boy was settled against me, the officer walked us over to his squad car and guided us into the back seat. The child was soon fast asleep, but not me and, after two hours of waiting, I was starting to nod out every few minutes. Besides, I knew I had to be at work in just a few hours, so, even though I didn’t want to let him out of my arms nor my sight, I knew I had to go. So I kissed his precious face and told him I loved him and I even felt that he said it back to me through the appreciation he held in his big blue eyes. As I was handing him back to one of the officers, he told me to be sure to give them my number so he could call me when he knew something.
“I was really relieved when I got the call the next day. What the officer told me is that it turns out that the boy’s family had come to Memphis from New Hampshire to visit relatives and that, on the night I found him, he had awakened around 2:30 and managed to let himself out of the house. For the next hour or so, this little 3-year-old managed to trudge a mile and half through the woods in the pouring rain with no shoes or clothes on until our paths met. The cop couldn’t tell me emphatically enough how thrilled his parents are to have their boy back and how grateful they are to me for what I did.”
After telling this most amazing story, my friend asked me if I thought that she had been prompted by some unseen force to rescue this child. I thought about her question and then I gave her some things to consider.
“What do you think?” I asked first. “Maybe you were rescuing yourself! But for sure the force guiding that experience was not unseen! Everything in it revealed itself, wouldn’t you say? It could be that your love and caring is so great that you summoned him to you and he was feeling his own calling to find you again so that you could be together at that moment in time.
When I first heard this story, and even now as I write it, it puts me in such a state of GRACE that my being explodes with a JOY that makes me cry a river. And that river seems to take me all the way to the Source that I’ve been searching for my whole life! I will forever be grateful to my friend for choosing me to share it with.

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